Super Siphon

I was looking for a siphon hose for fuel transfer. Sucking on a hose to transfer fuels with nasty ingredients is something I would like to avoid. The super siphon review seemed like a good idea and the price seemed reasonable.

The units arrived in good order. It consists of a hose made of good quality materials and a check valve that allows one way fluid flow. I placed the hose in the tank and shook as per instructions. Sure enough the fuel began filling the hose. Way cool, this thing might actually work!
Once the hose filled to the point siphoning could begin I stopped shaking the valve. Siphoning continued for a very short time then stopped. Several attempts with both units yielded the same results.

I took the hose and put it in a clear container filled with water to see what was happening. This the check valve does a good job of filling the hose once siphoning occurs the valve has trouble staying open. When the valve restricts flow siphon action slows then ceases.


ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar

ScarAway has worked very well on a few scars for me (I tend to get keloids and thick scars on almost every nic and cut).. It really helps break down the scar tissue, heal it up well and fade the color. I also gets rid of the hard feeling of the scar tissue. Easy to put on and comes off without hurting.

Thin and inconspicous on the skin. I tried other brands that were really expensive and too thick with a weird patterning on the gel which called attention to the silicone tape which was not what I wanted. I bought the first ScarAway at Walgreens and just reordered here at…interesting, the box is different online and in stores and it comes in a 2 month or a 12 week supply box, but the one I used called is ScarAway professional grade silicone scar sheets and are only 22.99 or 29.99 depending on which count you buy and they both come with a case to keep it in which the other brand did not either. So a great deal for a high quality product.

Numerous studies validate chlorella’s ‘superfood’ status

    Chlorella is a genus of single-celled, green algae that grow in the sunniest parts of freshwater bodies. According to Dr. Beth M. Ley, author of the book benefits of chlorella: The Ultimate Green Food, it is one of the earth’s oldest living organisms and has been harvested as a fgfgfood source for thousands of years.

    However, a true understanding of chlorella’s nutritional value only emerged in the 20th century, when Western scientists began to study its chemical composition. By the beginning of the 21st century, chlorella had earned “superfood” status. This article contains a list of studies proving that this status is well-deserved.

Potential of using organic fertilizer to cultivate Chlorella vulgaris for biodiesel production


    Cultivating microalgae at industrial scale for biodiesel production required substantial amount of mineral fertilizer, typically nitrogen and phosphorus. In fact, the production of mineral fertilizer implies the usage of energy and fossil fuels resulting to unsustainable practise in a long term. On the other hand, organic fertilizer which is derived from food waste, biomass or manure also contains high value of nutrients that can support microalgae growth.gkgkgk

   Hence, in the present study, the potential of using organic fertilizer as an alternative nutrient source to cultivate Chlorella vulgaris was investigated. Under the supplement of organic chlorella, it was found that C. vulgaris grown favourably under the following conditions: initial nitrate content of 26.67 mg/L, 24 h of continuous illumination and pH of 5.

Nevertheless, slow growth rate was observed when cultivating C. vulgaris under open environment; a reduction of 27% was recorded in comparison with controlled environment. On the other hand, it was possible to reutilize the water to re-cultivate C. vulgaris. This observation reflects the high adaptability of C. vulgaris towards the surrounding environment and suitability to be grown under outdoor conditions. Total lipid of 18.1% from C. vulgaris biomass was successfully extracted and the fatty acids methyl ester profile was proven to be suitable for making biodiesel.

Spirulina – the ultimate ocean protein

First of all, as a long-time vegetarian, I must admit it’s easy to become protein (or nutrient) deficient on any diet, including the widely-celebrated vegan way of life. Too many vegetarians opt for ‘fake meat’ products – loaded with genetically engineered or heavily processed soy ingredients. These synthetic proteins create hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders plus a host of immune system problems.

Generally speaking, chronic fatigue, emotional stress or any other chronic health condition can be linked to a poor diet. When considering which protein is best for you – always consider the quality first. If you prefer an animal-based protein diet – be sure to eat 100% grass-fed beef or raw (grass-fed) dairy products to avoid the genetically engineered toxins fed to conventionally-raised animals.

Keep in mind, conventionally-raised animal food producers don’t want you to know how their animals are fed. In truth, most of these animals are eating GMOs, getting pumped with antibiotics and fed the lowest-cost (unnatural) animal feed.

Conversely, many vegetarians eat too many processed carbohydrates, synthetic vitamins and minerals and foreign proteins – which leave the body nutrient deprived. Low-quality protein intake can lead to cellular stress; low sex drive; poor brain function, eye health and cardiovascular disease.vjvjv

If you’re looking for a good source of protein – just 3 grams of high-quality spirulina provides 60% protein, lots of vitamins and minerals plus many phytonutrients for optimal health. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, we’ll talk about the best source of benefits of spirulina.

How does spirulina reverse disease conditions?

Spirulina, known as a cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, are found in pristine freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. This truly ‘super’ food offers health benefits to almost every organ and bodily function. If you’re looking for cellular regeneration, accelerated wound repair or faster healing time – spirulina can help. By enriching the immune system, you’re less likely to experience colds, flus or other infectious diseases.

Study shows live spirulina effective at removing lead from wastewater

This study was performed in China, where there is a very high level of toxic heavy metal residue from less regulated industries and coal-burning energy plants. The necessity of removing heavy metal toxins from waste water is more vital in China than most other regions.dgbgd

Waterways and water used for agricultural irrigation has been overwhelmed by heavy metals from relatively unregulated industries and coal-burning energy plants that have been rushed into production to accommodate China’s rapid economic and industrial growth.

Prior to this spirulina lead removal study, other studies were done with positive results using spirulina powder and live algae in aqueous solutions of other heavy metals. These studies using live algae biomass for biosorption of heavy metals rather than merely collecting it have been performed to address the drawbacks of removing toxins with synthetic chemicals.

Your guide to New York’s sizzling hot yoga scene

When it comes to hot yoga in New York City, there are now a dozen-plus sweaty styles. They range from holding Bikram’s 26 poses in a 105-degree room (it’s still the most practiced hot style) to a fast-paced vinyasa at 100 degrees and an alignment-based flow at a cool 90.

Why tell you this now, when the average outdoor temperatures havbdbe been 90? While it sounds counter-intuitive, summer is actually a great time to do hot yoga studio flooring. After class, the city air feels downright chilly. (Or, surprisingly manageable.)

To help you discover your hot yoga personality, we put on tiny shorts and cleared out our pores all over town. Introducing, your guide to New York’s hot yoga scene. —Lisa Elaine Held

(Note: This is round-up of the 14 major hot yoga players. We couldn’t hit every Bikram joint in all five boroughs without fainting early on.)