Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is a very special event for a mom-to-be, especially if it’s her first baby. If you’re tasked with hosting her baby shower, check out this baby shower decoration idea for your shower space.


To create this baby shower decoration, get items of baby clothing—socks, hats, onesies, shoes, and even things like bibs and rattles—and attach them to a clothes line with clothes pins. Depending on the space you’re using for the baby shower, you can string the baby shower decoration across the ceiling, along the walls, or down the staircase (on the bannister).

If you know the gender of the baby, you can choose items that are gender specific. Or, if there’s a specific theme for the baby shower, you can play that up with themed outfits and accessories. Add some matching balloons to complete the Baby shower venue in Brooklyn decorations and you’ll be all set!

Listen as your guests ooh and ahh at about how cute everything is and wait for the look on the new mom’s face as she sees all of these tiny gifts for her newborn!

Just getting started with your baby shower planning? Punchbowl has a full range of customizable online invitations for baby showers that span multiple baby shower themes and color palettes.


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