Super Siphon

I was looking for a siphon hose for fuel transfer. Sucking on a hose to transfer fuels with nasty ingredients is something I would like to avoid. The super siphon review seemed like a good idea and the price seemed reasonable.

The units arrived in good order. It consists of a hose made of good quality materials and a check valve that allows one way fluid flow. I placed the hose in the tank and shook as per instructions. Sure enough the fuel began filling the hose. Way cool, this thing might actually work!
Once the hose filled to the point siphoning could begin I stopped shaking the valve. Siphoning continued for a very short time then stopped. Several attempts with both units yielded the same results.

I took the hose and put it in a clear container filled with water to see what was happening. This the check valve does a good job of filling the hose once siphoning occurs the valve has trouble staying open. When the valve restricts flow siphon action slows then ceases.


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