ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar

ScarAway has worked very well on a few scars for me (I tend to get keloids and thick scars on almost every nic and cut).. It really helps break down the scar tissue, heal it up well and fade the color. I also gets rid of the hard feeling of the scar tissue. Easy to put on and comes off without hurting.

Thin and inconspicous on the skin. I tried other brands that were really expensive and too thick with a weird patterning on the gel which called attention to the silicone tape which was not what I wanted. I bought the first ScarAway at Walgreens and just reordered here at…interesting, the box is different online and in stores and it comes in a 2 month or a 12 week supply box, but the one I used called is ScarAway professional grade silicone scar sheets and are only 22.99 or 29.99 depending on which count you buy and they both come with a case to keep it in which the other brand did not either. So a great deal for a high quality product.


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