Your guide to New York’s sizzling hot yoga scene

When it comes to hot yoga in New York City, there are now a dozen-plus sweaty styles. They range from holding Bikram’s 26 poses in a 105-degree room (it’s still the most practiced hot style) to a fast-paced vinyasa at 100 degrees and an alignment-based flow at a cool 90.

Why tell you this now, when the average outdoor temperatures havbdbe been 90? While it sounds counter-intuitive, summer is actually a great time to do hot yoga studio flooring. After class, the city air feels downright chilly. (Or, surprisingly manageable.)

To help you discover your hot yoga personality, we put on tiny shorts and cleared out our pores all over town. Introducing, your guide to New York’s hot yoga scene. —Lisa Elaine Held

(Note: This is round-up of the 14 major hot yoga players. We couldn’t hit every Bikram joint in all five boroughs without fainting early on.)


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