ID Name Badge Holders, Lanyards, Reels & Clips

    Once you’ve decided on outsourcing ID badge creation to eXpress badging or producing them in house, you’ll need to decide how your employees will display the cards. Selecting the best name badge holder for your team may seem like an easy task. however, if not well thought out, your badging project may not be as efficient or welcomed by the employees as it could be. The good news is we have a large selection of the most popular name badge holders at great prices!


Browse our carefully selected inventory of custom id badges holders, breakaway and custom printed lanyards, id badge reels and clips! Each ID badge display solution has their own benefits and uses. Retractable reels and holders with quick disconnect buckles are popular where an ID badge is required to swipe or be waved to enter a secure part of the workplace. Breakaway fitting lanyards help prevent personal injury if the ID badge gets caught in a moving machine at work. If you require your employees to carry multiple cards a dual badge holder may do the trick!


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