Black Diamond Ring

Black diamond ring are opaque in colour and create a beautiful contrast when set in white gold with white diamonds. The Karloff Noir diamond is believed to be the world’s largest cut black diamond at 88 carats, and legend has it that when touched, it endows the person with good luck, fortune and happiness. That said, the most valuable black diamond discovered to date, is The Black Orloff, also known as the “Eye of Brahma”. This stone supposedly gets its name from the Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orloff who owned it during the mid-eighteenth century. It was also part of a shrine in India in the nineteenth century. It was exhibited, in the early fifties, at the American Museum of Natural History. The diamond has a cushion shape, weighing 67.50 carats. Once owned by Harry Winston, it was sold, mounted in platinum, for $300,000.00.